Foot Fresh Deodorant Spray


Proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria on the feet

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This formula contains Tea Tree oil to neutralize foot odor
• Contains Menthol to cool the skin and leave a refreshing scent
• Easy to use spray with an easy grip makes for a more controlled and safe application
• Recommended for use in the pedicure as the final step before the massage
• Recommended for those who desire freshness for their feet, and those who wear enclosed, non-breathable shoes
• Ideal for Athletes

2 reviews for Foot Fresh Deodorant Spray

  1. Radiance by Raytillia

    So refreshing!
    Martha Naylor
    I was first introduced to this product when I was looking for Footlogix pedicure. While my nail tech took my information down to assess my feet, she she sprayed my feet with the Footlogix Foot Deodorant.. The smell of menthol was so refreshing! She told me that the formula also had Tea-tree which is anti-bacterial. No wonder it killed all that bacteria that causes odor in the feet! I picked a bottle when I left her salon that day. It has now become a favourite among all my family members, especially during the summer time!

  2. Radiance by Raytillia

    I experience funky smelling feet, so I tried Footlogix Foot Deodorant Spray. It’s cool, refreshing and long lasting too. Smells great!

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